Global Health

gobal Health

Global health is greatly affected by factors such as pollution, changes in global  and regional climate, water resource quality, food growing capacity, and ecosystem health. Poor human health in turn affects the capacity of the global population to deal with environmental changes and adapt to them. Therefore, global health plays a central role in the central role in the Earth Institute’s work to understand the adverse effects of development and to find a path that leads to a sustainable future.

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Global Roundtable On Climate Change

The path to climate sustainability, a joint statement made by the Global Roundtable on climate change in 2007 describes a pathway for climate change policy. The joint statement highlights the urgency for global action to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. This statement was released on february 20, 2007 and has been endorsed by 108 companies from around the world and by 138 individual leaders from business, civil society, government and research institutions. While highlighting the importance of increased efficiency they also note the need to use non fossil- fuel energy sources and to deploy technologies to capture and store carbon dioxide. The statement highlights why success is possible and how success may be reached. The signatories call for concerted action of governments, the private sector, trade unions, and other sectors of civil society. There is a strong emphasis on the global scope of the problem, such that all countries must be party to the accord, with commitments to actions reflecting the levels of economic development.

source : Earth institute

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pollution in steel factory area

Pollution becoz of steel factory

Everyday we encounter chemicals, physical agents, and other substances in the air, water and soil around us, as well as in the flood we eat. Research shows a connection between our environment and our health, but we still have a long way to go in understanding  what links the two. We need better information and more sophisticated tools to understand the causes of these diseases if we are to prevent.

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Plastic pollution in sea water

Plastic Pollution in sea water

The origin of the plastic most likely came from the ocean surface abundant with plastic pollution. This plastic pollution has grown steadily over the years. The plastic back in 1980 was mostly of polyethylene which primarily comes from  plastic bags and plastic bottles. The plastic is carried around the ocean via wind and ocean currents. If these picture speak anything of meaning to you, i hope the message is clear. Do your part and pick up a piece of liter if you see some. Also a great way to help out is by participating in local stream and river cleanups in your area.

This message is also being made to say that seabirds are not the only species affected here. Numerous species are affected, and something needs to done to clean up the plastic vortex. Atleast 267 species including whales, fish, turtles, seals, sea lions and seabirds have ingested or become entangled in the debris. The sad truth is that unless something is done t clean up the mess, many more marine life species will continue to die or face unnecessary trauma. The human way of life has taken a roll on the earth. The carelessness that humans have lived by for thousands of years can no longer sustain on this planet without serious consequenses.

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Condition of the rivers of Dhaka

River pollution in dhaka

The government over the years has allowed industrialists to pollute the rivers, canals and wetlands in and around the city  to such an extent that surface water turned pitch black in several spots. Pollution has set in on the Buriganga, Shitalakhya and Balu rivers and made it almost impossible to treat the water. The water and Sewerage Authority  (wasa), is supplying stinky water by purifying it with cholorine ammonia sulfate. But most of the industrialists have defeid the directive and the government also did not take action against any of the violators. Even the department of environment (DoE) does not know much about it. Besides industry generated liquid and solid waste, most of the human excreta directly goes down the rivers through underground pipelines as nearly 70 percent houses are not connected to the excrete treatment plant. Waste from these industries is connected with the sewerage system that directly goes into tha rivers around the city. In fact, the rivers have become a dumping ground of all kinds of solid, liquid, and chemical waste of bank side population.

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water pollution

Water pollution

Water polluiton comes from a number of unique sources. Combining these points of pollution with the increase in global population in a continuously decreasing amount of clean water for plant and animal lifeon earth and increasing amount of polluted water. It is widely known that water covers almost three-quarters of the earth surface. However the large amount of pollutants than fill our water ways each year are largely unknown, such as industrial waste, urban stormwater, agricaultural runoff, various household chemicals and even nuclear waste.Industry has been responsible for chemical pollution by dumping toxic wste into river. The many sources of pollutions , along with the overpuming rivers and groundwater have caused water quality to decline nationwide. Agricultural run off has caused chemical pollution that damages the delicates aquatic ecosystems.

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Air pollution

Air pollution

Air poluiton may be defined as the introduction into the atmosphere of any material that brings about a negative effect on plants,animals, or people. The effect can vary from lowered visibility at the grand canyon to serve pollution outbreaks which may force city residents to stay indoors.Air pollution is a very big problem in our country. A large part of air pollution comes from cars. The Environmental protection agency says, ” The most polluting activity an average person does everyday is drive their car”. Most people probably aren’t aware that they are polluting the environment. May be if everyone knew how serious this polluting problem is, then they would find ways to reduce the pollution.

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