Plastic pollution in sea water

Plastic Pollution in sea water

The origin of the plastic most likely came from the ocean surface abundant with plastic pollution. This plastic pollution has grown steadily over the years. The plastic back in 1980 was mostly of polyethylene which primarily comes from  plastic bags and plastic bottles. The plastic is carried around the ocean via wind and ocean currents. If these picture speak anything of meaning to you, i hope the message is clear. Do your part and pick up a piece of liter if you see some. Also a great way to help out is by participating in local stream and river cleanups in your area.

This message is also being made to say that seabirds are not the only species affected here. Numerous species are affected, and something needs to done to clean up the plastic vortex. Atleast 267 species including whales, fish, turtles, seals, sea lions and seabirds have ingested or become entangled in the debris. The sad truth is that unless something is done t clean up the mess, many more marine life species will continue to die or face unnecessary trauma. The human way of life has taken a roll on the earth. The carelessness that humans have lived by for thousands of years can no longer sustain on this planet without serious consequenses.


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